Monday, June 4, 2012

Strawberries and Garlic (not together!)

Spring is so sweet, isn't it?  Big, juicy strawberries this year from the one grower's farm.  It is so nice to have them and they are organic too!  I am pretty sure strawberries are one of the "dirty dozen" so I feel blessed to have them so available.  We made jam and froze a bunch for smoothies, four flats all together!  I think we ended up with 42 jars of jam.  It is mostly for us to sell, we could never use that much between the four of us.  

Working in the garlic!  Addy has grown to be a helper with farming.  No longer am I humoring her out there, "Yes honey, thank you for that handful of soil... No, that is NOT a weed!" she can really pull her weight now.  Well, for about 45 minutes and then to play, but that is pretty good for a 7 year old!  I am just happy she gets to spend so much time outside.  

Garlic scapes are back!  I put them in everything while they are here... egg dishes, stir fry, pasta and pizza... they always go since they are not overpowering.  I am contemplating pickling them this year.  Must look into that, has anyone tried it?

Have been braiding my hair lately since it is finally long enough.  I love how it makes me feel feminine and put together.  Those two things are not phrases I would normally use to describe myself.  

I have been going through some personal changes lately.  Nothing major, just some subtle personality and philosophic changes.  It feels though like who I am is slowly shifting.  A little scary, a little exciting.  

Happy June!!

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