Saturday, April 21, 2012

Harrisburg and Conference

Last week I attended the Midwifery Today conference in Harrisburg, PA.  It was great!  Here are some snapshots from my time there.

Oh those old stone buildings!

The Susquehanna River 

I had dinner at this cute vegetarian restaurant the first night of the conference.  I ordered a barbecue "chicken" sandwich with some coleslaw and fresh cut fries, It was yummy!  No conversation, some quiet reading and enjoying my food.  I was trying to make the most of my alone time.  

Here are a few snippets from the conference.  In these photos,  Angelina Martinez is showing us different techniques from Mexico using the rebozo wrap.  It is basically a long strip of fabric used as a shawl, a carrier and during pregnancy and in labor (I am sure it has other uses as well that I am not aware of).  Angelina said that in Mexico, all the women show up for prenatals already wearing the rebozo.  They use it all the time and have been for centuries, so it is a normal part of becoming a mom.  

The conference was so great for me. There were many women there from all over the world.  It was informative, empowering, and spiritually energizing.  Similar to being at a birth, I left feeling very connected to God, and thankful for the opportunity to learn from these wise, wise women!  I am sure this is my calling.  

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