Sunday, January 1, 2012

I wrote on my facebook page last night, "What a year it has been! So many firsts and memorable events,
 happy and sad. I am feeling like there are opportunities in every aspect of my life right now. Excited for 2012!"  

I do feel like I have lots of opportunities right now.

*Trying to get pregnant!  Yes we are going to try starting this month.  I do not know what
will come of it and am a little scared.  I have faith that God will do what is right for me 
and my family, regardless of what I want or try to do.  I am also scared because of the normal 
inhibitions with having children... is there enough space for them?  enough money? enough time?  etc. 

 I have been feeling more social lately and have not been disappointed.  Am feeling more normal 
here, finding my circle, my friend-family. 

*Spiritually.  We have some friends who moved closer to us recently.  We have known them for a
 few years and share a similar lifestyle.  It is always a satisfying and peaceful experience getting
 to meet with them.  Since they are closer now we are planning more things with them and it is exciting!  Also we are planning to visit a monastery this next month.  Zeb is certainly going for a week, I might go for 1 or 2 nights, but I am looking forward to it. 

*Midwifery stuff!  Some exciting news, I did not write about it on here yet, maybe I will share later... but I birthed my first baby by myself!  It was an accident of course, since I was not planning to be a midwife myself and was happy being an assistant.  Since then though, I have been feeling heavy with a thirst of knowledge about Midwifery.  I cannot stop, I want to know everything.  I talked with my midwife about this and she felt certain that this is for me, I am to be a Midwife someday!  She said that after women attend a birth by themselves they seem to know whether or not they want to continue.  I could write about it for a long time on here but I will be short.  So to conclude this thought, I am beginning my studies/apprenticeship of being a student midwife! 

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