Saturday, January 7, 2012


Yesterday was Epiphany.  We had a great day, a long day but still good. 

Zeb made these great Swedish pastries from the More With Less cookbook.  He made a lot so we could take some to the neighbors.  After breakfast that is what we did.  

It was a beautiful morning!  Sunny and not too cold, but we still had so much snow.  

Then presents!

Those mini pillow pets are so darn cute!

The little blue bird Addy is holding in the second photo came from this shop. I picked up one for each of her cousins too.  Weaver Birdie's brother owns Divani Chocolate which we frequent, I bought the birds up there.

After lunch we prayed together.  It was nice talking about Epiphany with Adela.  She is at such a good age where she is smart and also curious.  I love that part of parenting, sharing and teaching, telling her about Jesus in a clear way and answering her questions.  It really makes you feel more cemented in your own beliefs to talk about them with a kid.  You need to be prepared and dig within yourself. It helps you find where you stand very quick. 

Later we had some family over and made make-your-own paninis.  They were good.  More presents followed.  

Now I am sitting in our living room surrounded by toys, paper scraps and boxes, still in my pj's.  We are having a relaxing morning checking out our new stuff.  I need to make room for this new stuff, go through drawers and organize.  We have limited space here; organization is a must or I will loose my mind.  Off I go! Have a nice weekend!

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