Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bus - y - ness

It has been a while.  What have I been up to lately?  Well, I will tell you...

We had a b-day party for Addy.  Big #7, hard to believe!

There was a yummy cake from the new Rosie's Bakery in Clarion, it was awesome!  and all natural! We had a raspberry lemon cake for her and they use real raspberries and lemon peel in the cake, not red food coloring and raspberry flavoring!  It was so good. 

Also there was a hayride, well two or three.  So fun! My Mom was the driver and we even got my Grandparents to go for a ride :)

Other than that we have been busy with work stuff.  Harvesting, planting, canning, planning. Also we are having our apartment finished finally!  It has been pretty sweet because these contractors are really moving it along and getting stuff done.  Our upstairs is ready to move into now!  But I did not realize how much time it would take me.  I am not complaining, just justifying my busyness.  I need to meet with them and call them and pick stuff out for them.  They explain everything to me which takes some time.  But yay!  Glad it is getting done.  I will post pics of the apartment soon.

The week we arrived back from vacation we realized we were losing our driver.  We have since found a replacement but there were about two solid weeks in there where Zeb and I were doing everything ourselves.  I won't go into the details because that would be boring but we were pretty much working from the time Adela went to school until we went to bed.  I was working with a child on my hip.  The house work suffered because of that and I am still playing catch up.

On a nicer and lighter note some friends formed a playgroup and we had our first playdate this past week!  Love it!   We really are craving some socializing with friends. 

That is all for tonight, take care!

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