Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Vacation in Photos part 2

Water spout seen from our balcony. 
The waterspout! An exciting surprise to watch during a cloudy day. 

 I had never seen one of these before.  It was cool to see the clouds and water spiral strongly.  It was a little scary because it kept getting closer but then headed south until we could not see it any longer.  

 Video shot by my father in law.  It is good but kinda long, if you don't watch the whole thing at least watch the end so you can see how close it got.  It is fun for me to hear everyone's comments while watching it.  At some point you can hear Addy say "I have never seen one in my whole life!"  haha :)
I am sure it will be a nice memory in years to come. 

Early morning walk.

Mine, Addy and Fabe's footprints.  Can you see them?

Addy and her cousin.
They really loved swimming in the ocean,  jumping in the waves and everything!  I can notice a difference in Addy's swimming ability after last week.  What a good daily exercise she got!

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