Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Vacation in Photos part 1

 On day two we went to the aquarium. It was fun and we saw lots of cool fish, sharks, turtles, eels etc.

you could touch the horsehoe crabs!

 Just a few hours after this photo was taken was when the sickness hit.  Yes, we all had either a virus or food poisoning.  It was horrible and knocked us down one at a time like we were dominoes.  What a bonding family experience!

Thankfully it was only a one day sickness.  The next day we were trying to enjoy ourselves again, a little slower moving but still having fun!

Fabe taking his daily nap on the beach.

 My father in law, brother in law and Zeb went fishing.  They brought back some great fish, Spanish Mackerel, and some shrimp!  It was the freshest, best shrimp I have ever tasted.

Computer is being weird and won't let me upload my pics quick enough.  Time for a virus scan and SLEEP.  More pics tomorrow!

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