Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On the way back home

 On the way home we drove north through Virginia.  We needed to stop every so often because the kiddos would get so restless.  When we reached Richmond we decided to take a nice meal break,  something good that we can't normally get... sushi maybe?

We were not within walking distance to a sushi place where we parked but saw across the street a cool looking African place.  Man was it good!  The dishes had very interesting flavors, somewhat curry-ish but with lots of roasted onions and different spices I had never eaten.  We had some fish and rice and a shrimp dish with the best cabbage in the world.

As we walked to get some coffee we passed by the Edgar Allan Poe museum!  Eeeek, what a surprise!  We checked out what we could but didn't want to invest too much time going through the whole place.  It was pretty cool though. 

Don't I look like a beach bimbo next to EAP?  We don't look good together, sigh. 
 The small part of Richmond we were in was nice.  I liked it there.  We made it to a very hip coffee place that did french press coffee, and only had the super-fair trade kind that I had never heard of.  It was good!  We would like to go back sometime, do the complete EAP museum tour and discover Richmond a bit more.

Back on the road.  Now there was another surprise.  We passed by the exit for the Skyline drive through Shenandoah National park.  Zeb had driven it on his cross country trip years before and said we had to do it.  It probably added a good hour to our trip but it was worth it.  So beautiful!

 Every 100 yards or so there was another overlook. 

This deer did not care that we were right there.  I bet they get fed a lot. 

We made it back late.  It was a good trip.