Sunday, August 14, 2011

Exciting Stuff This Week!

Guess what?

We got a new car!

It is WAY better on gas than my old car and super cute and fun to drive!  We decided on a Honda Fit. After driving three cars and looking at several others, the Honda seemed to be the best choice. It was recommended to us from several people and it had the most roomy interior of the cars we looked at.  We love it!

Also we took the new car somewhere special yesterday... the beach!

It was a long drive, but it was worth it!  Adela and Fabian were just about going wild in the ocean with excitement.  I am so glad Fabe likes it, the waves and sand seem to be just enough action and entertainment for him.

More lovely beach pics coming soon!  I can tell I am going to love it here.  It is not commercial at all, lots of little privately owned businesses and restaurants, and a little carnival in the town area.  We are right on the ocean too.  I can't wait to go exploring!

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