Friday, July 8, 2011

Um, nature...what's up??

I went on and on about how I love you and missed you in my last post, then you turn around and get me?  Not cool. 

Yesterday I was stung by 3 hornets or wasps.  I reached my hand into a box which apparently they considered their home.  Then, attack! I ran very fast while yelling for about 10 seconds. The bites stung at first but soon they were numb, and after a while they mostly went away.

As if that is not bad enough...

Today I went to feed the chickens and discovered some of them missing with scattered feathers around,  a sure sign something bad happened.  Then, I saw it!  A skunk!  He looked right at me.  I yelled and clapped at him but he didn't budge.  Smug.  He ate all of the eggs and a few of the chickens (I think).  There is a family of them around here that has been making appearances lately, so I think they were working together to get our little egg layers.

Boo nature, but I still love you. 

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