Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Garlic

After curing.  Here they still have their twig-like stalks.


All cleaned up and ready to go!

 Our garlic is almost done.  It is looking pretty good this year. Relief!  We grow 11 varieties of garlic and now I am busy making sure they all dry properly, cleaning them up, keeping records of how each variety did, and shipping them out of here! 


  1. how do you dry garlic? i read somewhere that you hang it upside down or braid it or something. That is so cool. Anyway, are they all hard-neck varities? I didn't discover hardneck garlic until I moved up north. Down in FL I only ever saw the softneck varities.

  2. You can hang it from the stem, or lay them out to dry somewhere airy. The softneck ones you can braid. They are so pretty, probably my favorite. We do 9 hardneck and 2 softneck.