Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Important First

Fabe's first birthday was this week!  Happy b-day to my sweet little man!

 Fabe with his grandpa at a few days old and at his first birthday party.

We had some pinwheel cupcakes and Zeb made some delicious squash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese.

Fabian got a whole cupcake to himself!  Yes, he had it up his nose and all over.  Waiting for in-laws to send me those pics.
It was a fun day.  Fabe got to be outside a lot at his Grandmas house and he got some sweet presents.  We got to cook and eat and hang out with family.  Did I mention the weather was perfect too?  It was a very nice first birthday. 


  1. Ah I can't believe he's 1! Those cupcakes look amazing carla. Hope the stuffed squash blossoms were good :)

  2. Thanks Kathleen, though I didn't make them:). I bought the pinwheels on etsy(they were even cuter in person!) and just put them on some ordered cupcakes.

    Also, the blossoms turned out great!