Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Garlic

After curing.  Here they still have their twig-like stalks.


All cleaned up and ready to go!

 Our garlic is almost done.  It is looking pretty good this year. Relief!  We grow 11 varieties of garlic and now I am busy making sure they all dry properly, cleaning them up, keeping records of how each variety did, and shipping them out of here! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beasts of Burden

Oh, quite a dramatic title, I know.  But... well 2 butts...

 We have been practicing here and there, borrowing some horses for cultivating.  One day on our own farm we want to be all animal powered.  Baby steps, that is our motto.

 It is really amazing how they plow through the earth like it is sand in a kids sandbox. 

 Meanwhile just controlling the plow and walking beside the horse, Zeb and I are dripping in sweat.  It felt good though to work that hard and get some real exercise.

 Adela liked riding the horses.

 Here is some of our garlic :)

Done for the day, time to go home!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Important First

Fabe's first birthday was this week!  Happy b-day to my sweet little man!

 Fabe with his grandpa at a few days old and at his first birthday party.

We had some pinwheel cupcakes and Zeb made some delicious squash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese.

Fabian got a whole cupcake to himself!  Yes, he had it up his nose and all over.  Waiting for in-laws to send me those pics.
It was a fun day.  Fabe got to be outside a lot at his Grandmas house and he got some sweet presents.  We got to cook and eat and hang out with family.  Did I mention the weather was perfect too?  It was a very nice first birthday. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Um, nature...what's up??

I went on and on about how I love you and missed you in my last post, then you turn around and get me?  Not cool. 

Yesterday I was stung by 3 hornets or wasps.  I reached my hand into a box which apparently they considered their home.  Then, attack! I ran very fast while yelling for about 10 seconds. The bites stung at first but soon they were numb, and after a while they mostly went away.

As if that is not bad enough...

Today I went to feed the chickens and discovered some of them missing with scattered feathers around,  a sure sign something bad happened.  Then, I saw it!  A skunk!  He looked right at me.  I yelled and clapped at him but he didn't budge.  Smug.  He ate all of the eggs and a few of the chickens (I think).  There is a family of them around here that has been making appearances lately, so I think they were working together to get our little egg layers.

Boo nature, but I still love you. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Recent Firsts

First walk along the river, which is literally a hundred yards from where we live.   The only thing I could think was "Why don't we do this more often?"  Yeah WHY?  I don't know, we are busy.  Well it was so beautiful and calming.  Nature does something to me, (serotonin maybe?) it makes me calm down, think clearly, and just give me a better perspective.  It also makes me feel more connected to God and inspires me to pray and be thankful.  Especially when there is water involved.  The ocean, a river, even a pond, just put me there and I am in a happy place. 

A few days later it was my first canoe trip of the year.  It was a very special one as well because my much loved cousins, Aunt & Uncle and  my 82 year old Grandpa went with.  We went down the river pictured - the Clarion, and had a great time. 

Another first, Heirloom Tomatoes!  I have been waiting so patiently for them!  Ahh... and it was everything I had imagined.  I think it is going to be a good tomato year. 

I sliced that thing up with some chopped basil, S&P, and olive oil.  Yum and more to come!