Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Red Currants

Our friends at M & M Robertsons Farm generously gave us some red currants.  They are so bright red and pretty!  I made currant muffins a few years ago but other than that one experience, they are a foreign fruit to me.  I asked Addy what sounded good to her and she decided on a currant tart with a few black raspberries thrown in, so that's what we did.

The tart turned out pretty good.  It is a little ahem...tart because I used less sugar than I probably should have.  I worked off of several recipes and am not sure what I really did, but it came together somehow. 

The next time I use them I think I will make currant jelly or jam.  I guess that currants naturally have lots of pectin so you don't need to use any with them, pretty neat!


  1. We always grew red currents in our yard, along a fence in a cityscape. I remember going out to harvest the lovely plump red berries, so inviting and such a tart tingle on the tongue! I took my girls down to visit my parents recently, and there they were (along with the mulberries I had always thought such a nuisance since they turned our feet purple). We picked and picked until our fingers were worn out. Thank you for the lovely photos and reminder. One suggestion, vanilla ice cream--somehow the combo of the cold rich cream offsets the tartness of the currents.

  2. Oh, I bet they would be good with vanilla ice cream. That would be nice to re-experience childhood food memories with your kids. very sweet:)