Sunday, June 12, 2011

Addy handed me this note from the back seat of the car the other day.

In case you cannot make it out it says, " One time a girl named Adela had a very nice mom.  She helped with almost everything!  (P.S. I want a turtle)"

Sometimes you just have to save your kids pictures and notes, this is one of those times.  So should I get her a turtle??


  1. Oh. That's a keeper. Hm. I don't know anything ahout turtles. Do they eat lettuce?

  2. Beautiful Adela! So sweet! hmm...we just went through the turtle research thing with Nolan who had the same request... after researching it with me, he decided on his own that it probably wasn't such a good idea at the moment. Turtles require a LOT of maintenance (and have quite a long lifespan:) ) ...we also read that they are really not the best pet for children...they can harbor diseases...handwashing is so important..they need heat lamps and stuff...the aquatic ones are even more needy. We were leaning more and more towards a box turtle, but after talking with a few folks at the pet stores, we decided that we're not up to it right now. Good luck!