Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Home Visit

Saturday we went to my nieces b-day party.  It was fun and nice seeing family.  Afterward  we went to my mom's to stay over.  I love being at my mom's.  This is my favorite season there too because there are flowers everywhere.  I have many childhood memories of me and my Dad digging up daffodil bulbs and replanting them in a new spot.  I think he was trying to cover as much of the ground as possible with daffodils.  Sorry i didn't get a picture of them; it was too chilly and windy to be outside longer than needed.  We will be visiting for Easter next weekend so i will try to remember to snap some shots then. 

Today was Palm Sunday, so we got some palms and pussy willows to bring home.  It was a hard day in church though.  I don't know what it is with Fabian but he is crazy about screaming/singing in church lately.  I have just been spending a lot of my time there in the cry room.  Aside from that it was still nice being at our home church.

Time to do some reading and hit the sack, goodnight!

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